The Best of St. Croix
CMCA's - What A Kallaloo 2009
This year the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts sponsored its first "What A
Kallaloo" event at its museum gallery's courtyard in the town of Frederiksted. Entrants to
this event were all those - bar none - who believed they could make Kallaloo. The title
'What A Kallaloo' commonly refers to any fantastically embroiled event that occurs,
usually containing lots of 'Melee" or gossip. But today, it stands for all who dare to do the
dish and be declared the best on St. Croix.

We are on our way to the Kallaloo Cookoff in Frederiksted.
And, we arrive at the entrance, where we pay our admittance fee.
The entry from Michael's Serving Spoon was a Seafood Kallaloo.
Our next entry is a Vegan Kallaloo with tofu.
Our next entry is a traditional Kallaloo version.
And then there is an entry of Seafood Kallaloo.
Our next entry is another Traditional Kallaloo with plenty pepper.
And then a New Orleans twist on the dish of Kallaloo.
Ms. Petersen is always experimenting with food.
Bill Kossler entered another type of Traditional Kallaloo
with what meats he had on hand. Kallaloo was a dish
made up of what you had on hand, so he followed
tradition. It was the only entry to be served with the, also
traditional, side dish of Fungi.
And, another Traditional Kallaloo entry.
Our final entry was by Mrs. Weekes who served a
Traditional Kallaloo.