The Best of St. Croix
Mardi Croix 2009
This year the Mardi Croix event is taking place from East to West. So that
means it ends up in at Sylvie's in Lavallee instead of at Cane Bay Dive Shop.
Since not everyone heard the plan some traffic was coming from the wrong
direction and had to be turned around. The day was cool but sunny. The
oceanside was peaceful and the waves were rough.
The motorcycle club, many Harley enthusiasts among
them, had an entry in the parade.
A band played at the SpratNet, keeping the mood light.
The ROTC Drill Team lead the way as the parade began.
The Grand Marshal standing in his chariot.
There were beads thrown at every turn.
Ya gotta learn to drive real early these days.
Little Bo Peep and Cinderella were giving out painted
coconuts as they do in the Mardi Gras up North. They
also gave out painted Shak-Shak - the long seed pod of
the Flambouyant tree.
Next in line were the Pirates giving Margarita Blasts
squirted from waterguns.
Then an entry of horses and their riders.
The beginning of the Fern Gully entry.
It was palm fronds and balloons on this entry float.
And when the parade was over, it was back to the beach.