The Best of St. Croix
Kallaloo Gumbo Cookoff 2009
The 2nd Annual Kallaloo-Gumbo Cookoff was held at Sylvie's Bar and
Restaurant in Cane Bay to raise money for the causes supported by the Krewe
de Croix, sponsor of the event.
We travelled by car to the North Side of the island to get to Cane
Bay. Our travels this way are always peaceful since the space
between is largely pastureland.
Going over the hill, we cannot see St. Thomas on the
horizon today due to the haze.
We have now reached the road known as The Beast for
athletes competing in the triathlon due to its tortuously
steep switchbacks.
And we are here.
Get your tasting tickets at the desk.
Here is one kind of Kallaloo which looks like it has
coconut milk as an added ingredient.
Another Kallaloo entry with balls of Fungi prepared.
A Gumbo entry with hot sauce ready.
A duel entry. Cajun Kallaloo and New Orleans Gumbo.
And another traditional Kallaloo entry from LaVallee.