The Best of St. Croix
Dog Parade 2009
This year, the Krewe de Barkus Parade took place again on the Boardwalk in
Downtown Christiansted at 2PM. The day was not so hot as it had been last
year for the parade. So, the canines were comfortable as they trotted around.
The plan was to first sign up at the registration table and
then proceed around the boardwalk to Angry Nates and
back again. But then few things go according to the plan.
Everyone is waiting for the parade to begin.
Ah, so many shoes, so little time.
No, it is not a toupe! It's my real hair!
At the end of the boardwalk is Angry Nates, the parade's
midpoint destination. The judges are set up there.
So, unofficially, the parade begins.
There is no need to tailgate!
Shelter dogs were showing their best stuff hoping for a home.
After swinging by Angry Nate's, the procession was
headed through the Caravelle Arcade to emerge on
Strand Street and head back down to the boardwalk.
No, I tell you, I don't want to go!
O.K. You've talked me into it.
We don't need no stinking costume!
While up on Strand Street, things were moving along quickly.
Such a cutie.
Now to wait for the judges to decide...