The Best of St. Croix
Arroz Con Pollo 2009

This year saw the First Annual Arroz con Pollo contest sponsored by the Virgin
Islands - Puerto Rico Friendship Committee in advance of the VI-PR
Friendship Week celebrations.The event also served to promote the
Christiansted Public Library's Spanish wing. Entrants to the contest were
representing a number of Latin regions of the Americas.
As we entered the block party contest, the Florence Williams
Public Library's booth was doing a brisk business in books.
Face Painting was also available free for the children.
Eager eaters.

We arrived at the table with the prizes and saw the unusual...
The prizes were little calderas packed with actual rice and
beans and tiny packets representing pasteles. How inventive!
Old friends meet again.
And on to the heart of the subject. Here is an entry
representing Panama.
Our next entry represents Puerto Rico.
The next entry represents The Dominican Republic or
Santo Domingo.
And of course, lets not forget the beans and fried plantains.
Our next entrant is showing us how it is done in Ecuador.
The recipe was displayed for all who had an interest in
trying their hand at creating the dish.
And there was the distinguishing ingredient,
grated Parmesan Cheese.
Our next entry represented the fusion cooking style of
the Crucian-Puerto Rican style.
An enormous pot of stewed red beans to go with the rice.
A close up of the rice shows that the container is lined with
banana leaves to keep the rice warm. A traditional touch.
And now for the crucian entry.
Meanwhile, over at the judges table, the rules were
being discussed and agreed to.
After much anticipation, the submissions began to
arrive for judging.
The criteria was strictly adhered to. Ballots were printed
so that no mistakes would be made.
So, what do you think,good huh?
Oh, he's saving the patita from the beans for last!
People gathered around to see the judging.
People continue to come for their taste of Arroz con Pollo.
The judges have feasted, tasted, evaluated and scored.
Now the results are secure inside those manilla envelopes.
As we were leaving, the Governor of the Virgin Islands,
John P. deJongh was just arriving.